Sharks In Trouble

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Shark News

It would appear that my decision to start a blog about Sharks has coincided with some interesting and unsettling events, California start off by putting forward Bill AB 376 which would prohibit the sale and possession of shark fins in California. This Bill was supported by 75% of all Californians, however after some devious lobbying the whole thing then gets twisted into accusations of Racism against the Chinese. Which puts the woolies up the politicians and they decide to place the Bill in the “Suspended file” Not a good thing, since this will 9 times out of 10 cause the Bill to slowly fade into Oblivion.

Following this are the Shark “attacks” in both the Seychelles, and Russia. And both countries decide that instead of educating the public, and investigating further into the “attacks” as to what may have caused them, they go on a rampage, authorizing fishermen to hunt sharks so as to (and here i quote the minister of Tourism for the Seychelles) “Find the Beast that’s responsible.” Now let us take a step back and look at the facts. I recently watched a video which showed certain tour operators feeding the Sharks from the shore using chunks of Red Meat (which are obviously not in the Sharks natural diet). Granted, these sharks in the video were Black Tip Reef Sharks, but just bear with me. The problem with this in my personal opinion is that the Sharks could possibly associate people with food. Now think about it, Sharks see people, people toss meat in, which causes a splash, and the sharks then eat red meat….. Alter the scenario slightly, Shark sees a person swimming, then obviously the person gets a fright and splashes, Shark thinks “Food” takes a bite, and what do they get? Red Meat! And suddenly it’s a Shark “attack”. Thing is the authorities don’t see this, they don’t see a case of a Shark that has been trained to feed on demand just doing what it has been taught to do. They don’t see a case of mistaken identity, what they do see though is a savage beast that is lurking out there, hunting for Human Flesh! *Cue Jaws Theme Music Now* But This is just plain stupidity on their part, and to worsen the situation, they have given fishermen a mandate to kill any shark they find that could be responsible. Now last i read it had been suggested and mainly accepted that the Shark which is most likely responsible is the Bull Shark. But the Sharks being ripped from the water and slain aren’t just Bull Sharks, oh no, they are Tiger Sharks, Oceanic White-Tips, Reef Sharks, Sickle Fin Lemon Sharks,  Dog Fish, And even Guitar Fish!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! What are we doing here? Dog Fish and Guitar Fish are NOT considered to be a threat to Humans. But “hey it looks like a Shark so lets destroy it!” Is this really the Solution?

Now to make matters even worse, on th 19th of August 2011, it was confirmed that 2 new species of Shark were discovered in the Seychelles. This discovery was not due to the Shark hunt however, these Sharks were caught several years ago, and between then and now they were studying these Sharks and comparing them with Sharks the world over to decide whether these Sharks are new Species or not. NOW we have a fleet of blood thirsty fishermen out there catching anything they can for financial gain. (And i can assure you, they are not just catching Sharks either) and killing it, and no records are to be kept, So how many fragile “New Species” are going to get wiped out before they decide they have caught the culprit of the Attacks?

Should we as people really stand by and watch as thousands of Sharks get killed for the supposed “Justice” of one unfortunate honeymooners’ tragic death? The media have been hyping this story up to such an extent, that it is becoming tedious. Here are a few headlines I’ve seen over the last week. “Seychelles Shark Attack Leaves Briton Dead”, “Shark Kills British Honeymooner in Seychelles”, “Seychelles Shark Attack: Ian Redmond Mauled to Death” “Seychelles honeymoon shark attack: a once unimaginable death”, “Great White Shark ‘Carried out fatal Seychelles attack'” This report just makes me laugh, i mean they make it sound like the Shark had it all planned, and finally executed his devious intent… and finally, “Seychelles Shark Attack: Beast could strike again.”

 I have listened to a Broadcast of Ian Redmonds Widow, where she tells us that she had been told the Seychelles do not have Sharks, now if this is true, two things spring to mind, firstly, whoever told her that lied to her! The Seychelles are renowned for their Sharks, It’s the one reason i want to visit the Seychelles, not for the Beaches, or the Hotels, but for the Sharks. And secondly, I cannot bring myself to accept that they actually believed this, Sharks are found from the most Frigid waters in the northern Hemisphere, to the Tropical waters in the Southern, Sharks live in the Ocean, and feed on Marine animals, so where there is water and Marine life there will be Sharks. Please don’t get me wrong, i am not insulting them, i am just trying to point out that if there are people out the who would believe this then obviously they have not been properly educated about Sharks.
If you have any views on what i have written above, please feel free to leave a comment. I will go into more detail regarding the Russian Attacks in my next post.
Fins Up
  1. seawitch57 says:

    Shark attack is very, very rare….but unfortunately the human mindset makes it very newsworthy, it sells.
    As for the Bill AB 376 being ‘racist against Chinese’ …is it also be racist to say in any country that wouldn’t allow it, that you can’t beat a dog to death to ‘make it taste better’. Fear not the truth is all I say, if these things are indeed ‘racist’ then a racist I am!

  2. Nicely put from an excellent blogger

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