I had the opportunity to watch “Shark Attack Experiment” last night, and was very excited when i saw the names involved in the show, some reputable names in the Shark world to say the least.

So, what did I think about the Program? Well, I don’t want to give away too much, but overall it wasn’t a bad show. It had some good footage, and a handful of interesting moments too. What I did like about it, was the concept, (Certainly not a new concept, since i have seen something similar once before, but interesting none the less). I also liked the fact that they had a “Non Shark” person involved in the experiment.

The Show is basically about 5 “Experts” who test various theories, to see what causes sharks to attack. The sharks they dive with are the Black Tip Reef Shark, The Great White Shark, Bull Shark, 7 Gill Cow Shark, and Ragged-Tooth Shark. I must say I’m a little disappointed in the fact that they didn’t dive with Tiger Sharks, since they are regarded as one of the top 3 sharks to attack people. So why they chose to dive with 7 Gills rather than Tigers, I have no idea, Maybe they had a time limit on the shoot which did not coincide with Tiger season… But yeah, that is a slight anti Climax. So after diving with all five species of Shark they came up with 7 “Red Flags”, which basically means that those 7 things are possible triggers for an attack. However on their 2 final dives i could not help but notice that 5 of the 7 ‘triggers’ got no reaction from the sharks….

What would have been nice is if they had actually made the effort to test those 7 Triggers again, and either confirm, or dismiss them. All tests took place at sea, and not near the beach (where most attacks are believed to take place), which I found rather strange. Surely it would have been interesting to test the triggers near the beach to see if a shark behaves any differently in shallow waters…. Another test which would have been nice to see is how sharks behave with feeding, so as to hopefully put the myth, that hand feeding sharks leads to attacks, to bed.

I am also rather disappointed that Mark Addison wasn’t featured more in the program, he was basically on camera for no more than 10 minutes. I think that Mark has a lot of knowledge about sharks, and they absolutely failed by not getting him to share some of that knowledge. But I have no doubt that the Producers, and Directors are to blame for that. It was nice to have Ryan Johnston sharing some insight into shark behaviour though.

Another thing I found frustrating, to say the least, is that in the middle of a sequence there will be a “Handy fact” that pops up at the bottom of the screen, so you either miss the “Fact” or you miss what’s happening during the sequence….. So if you don’t have a way of pausing while you watch, it is rather pointless, and let’s be honest, pausing a show 30 times just to read what’s on the screen becomes tedious.

So my final thoughts are that if you haven’t seen the show, you really haven’t missed anything. It’s not a bad show, but certainly not a life changer. It does however send a good message, that sharks aren’t out to get us, which is quite a fresh change for Nat Geo Shark shows. Basically, if you know about sharks, you won’t learn anything new. And if you know nothing about sharks, you’ll learn the basics. Over-all I have seen MUCH worse, but have also seen MUCH better, which is sad considering the people involved. But once again, I blame the Producers, and Directors for that.

So watch it, and let us know what you think about it.


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